my vintage collection: B Welsh Pottery

These B. Welsh pottery collection is one of a few collection I have hang on for many years. I just love the simple design and the warm earthy tones and the fact that they were made by a Pacific Northwest artist more than five decades ago right here. I have actually purchased the whole lot (except for the pie plate bought from Goodwill) from an estate sale many years ago for about $20; back in the days when estate sale organizers are more laid back, no lines at 7 in the morning, when pushy collectible dealers were non existent. I miss those days…

[Bennet Welsh was born and raised in Gresham, Oregon and had a 50 year career as a potter that started in the 1940's. Welsh was the first potter in the Pacific Northwest to work with high temperature stoneware. He founded the ceramics department at the Portland Art Museum's school now called the Pacific Northwest College of Art. Welsh retired in 1984 and passed away in 1998. The company that he founded Pacific Stoneware is no longer in existence, which makes his pottery that much more collectible]

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P.S. I have re-opened my fabric and supplies shop and plan on adding more vintage fabrics in the coming days, I just can't pass up a cute fabric when I see one on my many thrifting trips.

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