Maxfield Parrish sky

I was walking to the library yesterday and I looked up to the sky and thought wow! it looks like a Maxfield Parrish kind of day; no rain, a little cloudy but with the prettiest blue skies, kind of rare in the northwest in this fall months.  When I saw the clouds it reminded me of his beautiful works, thus inspired me to do this post.

When I came home, I scan through this book (bought from Ebay long ago) and just stared at some of my favorite photos.

A lonely Parrish print hangs on my bedroom wall...hope to find a few more to give it company.

some of his works from the early 20th cent. (from the book) 

Happy Friday! hope it's sunny and blue skies wherever you are this weekend!


  1. Oh, I'm hoping for blue skies this weekend too! Off to a pumpkin patch on Sunday :)

    Don't you find yourself appreciating some things a little more deeply now that the kids are in school? It's amazing what a little me time can do!!

  2. Nice post...I have one about Parrish awhile back on my photo blog; check the archives for PARRISH. :)


    Happy Weekend!