it's starting to look a lot like... holloween!

I must got bitten by the decorating bug, because last night after I tucked the kids to bed I dug my old autumn wreath from the shed and hung it outside my door this morning; then I shopped in my basement a.k.a. inventory/junk room for some holloweeny items and set to work. Here's a peek of my living room, but first here's what it looks like outside my home this gorgeous autumn morning...

while I was hanging the wreath noticed this huge spider web outside my door... how appropriate!... and the Japanese maple is glowing beautifully by the entrance.

This wreath was an after holiday sale from Michaels many years ago, I think I only paid a couple of dollars for it.
I don't like the mantel too cluttered and only put a few brass items, ceramic owls, candelabras, a ceramic pumpkin and silk garland (nothing like fake orange garland from Michael's to make the room a little festive)

For the table centerpiece I found an old silverplate tray and added some gourd, fake leaves and a mannequin hand.  I also found a couple of clear glass candlesticks and tied a black velvet ribbon around them.

I love my crocheted tablecloth (thrifted from Goodwill for $4.99) which also resembles spider web...

Gourds makes a strong and festive bookstand (my mobile office upstairs by the kitchen).  There you have it, hope you like this little peek...I know I'm a little shy about showing much of my home but if you have a wall to wall carpet like I do then you will understand... someday I will have wood floors, someday...

Now onto the more important task; finding a costume for the little ones! 

So, do you decorate for Holloween?  If so, what style? Is it the general fall theme like pumpkins, gourds and leaves or more like spiderwebs, witches, skulls and bones?  


  1. Looks great - thanks for the inspiration! I think a fresh infusion of leaves and pumpkins and hands in the fruit bowl is just what my house needs this weekend. XOXO Cindi

  2. Oh it's looking very festive over there! I usually don't decorate too much- a fall themed flag out front, with pumpkins on the old wooden bench by the door. What are your kids going to dress up as this year? Sophie can't decide between a skeleton and a mummy. Decisions, decisions...

  3. @ Cindi- thank you!

    @Jenni- I'm thinking Alice in Wonderland, but DD just want a princess and DS wants tiger... ok that's easy.

  4. Pumpkins and corn! I just bought a few more pumpkins today. One is a pretty (edible) Cinderella pumpkin and we have corn in various shades of yellow, red and purple that I'm using to decorate as well. I like to have a candle lit, carved pumpkin on the porch for trick-or-treat.

  5. Thanks for inviting us in for a peek! We decorate the path to our doorway for the trick-or-treaters, and of course the kitchen table has some fall goodness from Halloween through Thanksgiving. Now that the children are getting older, it's gotten less, but it used to be a BIG deal around our house, lots o'ghouls and goblins. Now, a few headstones and random skulls suffice. :)