DIY: reupholstered footstool

This is the first reupholstery job I tackled not too long ago; much to my surprise it wasn't that bad, I did it in one quiet night while the kids were fast asleep.

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When I first saw this sad looking footstool with some other odds and ends at the silent auction table, I thought it has some crazy potential.

It's the sexy brass feet that made me decide to bid up to $10 for it.

+ + +

So here's the step by step instructions on how I reupholstered it:

Step 1:  I unscrewed the brass feet, peeled the brown paper off the bottom of the base and took the old upholstery fabric off that was stapled on the round plywood base.

Step 2:  I pinned the old fabric to the new fabric I picked out for the project (which was a vintage heavy weight cotton in bright orange with paisley pattern) then cut leaving a half inch allowance.

Step 3:  I placed the new fabric over the foam (I used the same foam that was there as it's clean and free of any odor) and I stapled, stapled, stapled...

Step 4:  I covered a 2" button with the same orange fabric and thread it thru the middle...

Step 5:  I pick-out an equally colourful floral wall paper from my stash and glued it on the bottom of the base to cover the plywood.

Step 6:  Then put the legs back.

And there you have it a new reupholsted footstool!

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  1. What an awesome job you did!

  2. Wow! It looks amazing now. Great choice of fabric.

  3. oh my word, it looks awesome!

  4. How do you thread the button through the middle if there is a piece of plywood underneath?

  5. to Anon, there was a button on the original padding, and already a hole on the plywood, all I did was replace the button and covered it with the same orange fabric and thread it throught the hole which by the way the hardest part of the whole thing.