DIY: vintage wooden crate storage shelf

This past weekend I tackled another serious cleaning and organizing in my office and inventory room.  Did another trip to Goodwill to donate the "what-was-I-thinking" finds; reorganized my inventory and supplies and I also painted my office.  On top of that I was able to find just the right place to build a DIY wooden crate storage shelving to house some of my smaller items.  I really like how it turned out, here's the before and after pics (please pardon the ugly and dity carpet);

My office is the smallest room in the basement, all three other walls are occupied with a desk, a bookshelf for my books, a filing cabinet and three other larger shelves for my inventory.  When you're job is finding junk (read treasures) everyday it's a constant dilemma finding a horizontal space to store your finds.  This last small piece of bare wall left in my house office is between the entry and closet and was just the perfect spot for another small shelf.

Remember the recent auction preview I did a couple of weeks ago, I did won these wooden crates. I thought about offering them in my shop, but shipping can be a pain so I only listed a couple of smaller ones. 

Assembly couldn't be any easier; I just stacked them together, screwed each one flush to the wall and voila! Now it displays and store some small items I have for sale and my vintage clock and glass collection.


  1. I just ADORE what you did and I also have a greatgreat love for vintage wooden crates. I wish I could find some myself :)

  2. what a great upcycle! love the touch of alphabet.