auction preview: taxidermy and antler galore!

I went to another auction preview yesterday and all I can say was- woah! I've never seen so many dead animals in one room and are up for auction. btw, I am making it a habit of bringing my camera with me to auctions and estate sales and shooting photos for you my dear blog readers. I wish I can take you all with me to these previews, they're so much fun, you can examine each and every item at your hearts content, find the most interesting artifacts from the past, chit chat with the regulars and even learn a thing or two from antique specialists that shows the goods.

So anyway, the auction preview, it was a jungle out there, really just look at this pictures.

First one I noticed when I entered the room was this enormous head on the wall...

I've taken a photo of my husband examining it just to show you how huge it is. See how hubby's head looks tiny next to the thing?

And there's this life like gazelle raised on a rock complete with dried grass and fake cactus,

laying flat next to it is this poor zebra skin rug.

I also saw a few of these...

and these which are easier to look at...no eyes were looking back at me.
then when I turned around there were more of these...

it started to creep me out a little...

their sad glassy eyes were killing me...

they all started giving me quite the stare...

and then I got the heck out of there.

the end.

Oh they have a couple of cool industrial lamps and some chairs, I'll be back to bid on those.


  1. oh - humans are so weird! Why do we have the need to turn innocent creatures into "trophies"?? ick. I have a friend that does taxidermy art and her pieces took me a while to get used to.... I think I'll do a blog post on her, actually! Still, however, ick.

  2. Oh my gosh! I didn't know whether to laugh at the way you wrote about this, or be creeped out myself at the sight of this! It's like an etsy front page gone wild- literally. Thank you so much for bringing your camera along on these outings :)

  3. That's just so awful! It's one thing for people to hunt and stuff their wins and it's another thing to buy they. i seriously don't know which one I consider worse (I eat meat and wear leather so obviously I can't cry too much about this)... it just makes me sad to see their eyes and faces....

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  5. The zebra rug got me. That is horrific. Thanks for taking your camera to these. Auctions have some amazing stuff and some are beyond words.