natural inspiration

These are the beautiful colors that surrounds my home this time of year. I don't spend very much time in my yard, I wish I could; the backyard is bare and could use more plants. Each time I drive by the garden center I always daydream of building a romantic garden with a pond in the backyard with a couple of very old cast iron benches and a couple of swings. I love that my yard is very low maintenance, and all the trees that was planted blooms alternately all year round. The front lawn has been invaded by green moss which I much prefer anytime than a regular lawn grass. And the clematis is climbing up all the way to my bedroom window on the second floor.


  1. Love the photos! What is that beautiful thing with the red and pink leaves???

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  3. hi Jennie, that's a tree that produces deep red and burgundy leaves during summer, it's really gorgeous, not sure what's the tree name.