dolls anyone?

last week (from an estate auction) I came home with all of these...

when all I want are these three.

Most of the time I get an instant collection of everything from the auction. Like last week, when there's only a couple of vintage dolls that I want out of a big pile that was on the silent auction table. No one was interested in them and I won them all for almost nothing.


  1. Every time you talk about these silent auctions I want to go to one with you. Just to see how it is done. I'm creeped about going to one alone, and hubby is just not interested. In fact, *sniff*, most of my "in person" friends aren't into this sort of thing either. Nice haul- I love the ones you've chosen to keep, but you have some really sweet ones to sell as well.

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  3. I'm glad you won the auction, even if the dolls brought friends lol. Cute discoveries. Interested to hear more about the silent auctions, look forward to checking out your blog.