hoot! hoot!

It's been a busy week so far on the homefront, the kids are on spring break, lots of quality time to be had but amidst all the busyness I was able to sneak out for a quick run to the near thrift shop yesterday for my quick fix and I found these collection of owl figurines.

The small ones are only an inch tall... there are still a whole bunch that I left there, I just picked the cutest ones.

Aren't they owl-dorable? They will be in the shop tonight or tomorrow.


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  1. Holy feathered friends, Batman! You hit the mother lode of owls, my friend- they are VERY adorable!

  2. so cute--and they look similar to a collection a friend of mine had when we were growing up--she collected owls and turtles all through the 60s and 70s....these look a little newer than those but still very cute!

  3. What a cute collection! That was an awesome find.

  4. Funny. I bought an owl yesterday, myself. Owls have so much character, they're hard to pass up!

  5. Vintage owls are HOT HOT HOT - can't believe the coolness of finding all these (and more!) in one "fowl" swoop!

  6. those owls are so great! i want them all!