instant collection: vintage teacups and saucers

Thursday night I went to a local estate auction without much knowledge about vintage teacups nor the slightest notion of owning a pretty good size collection. Then I spotted two large lots and was taken by the beautiful design, their colours and their immaculate condition, and decided I want to win them at all cost. And I did won them, and it was costly, sort of (it put a dent on my thrifting budget for next week).

The first two photos are from the first lot.

And these are from the second lot...

here are some of my favorite ones...

I spent the next day researching the internet and ebay and found enough information about the variety of teacups produced by Aynsley, Royal Albert, Shelly, Paragon- the markings I found on most of the teacups I've bought.

I searched ebay's completed listings and was pleasantly surprised to find some good prices ranging from $25 and up on the ones with similar markings as mine. This particular one must be the rarest or it's kind as it was sold for $180! It just amazes me what people are willing to pay for some things...

I may keep a couple, but some will be listed on ebay and I may list some in my Etsy shop next week.


  1. How cool! I like the yellow and turquoise cups you featured and the one in the far right of the first photo looks pretty, too. Such a neat collection. I meant to go to the auction last night but had a wacky day and missed it. Look what I found http://autumnolive.blogspot.com/2010/02/1946-singer-sewing-machine.html- what the heck do I do with it now?!

  2. oh my... third singular cup down is my favourite.

    i had heard tell of an original english china pattern called "Shelley" and i've always hoped to see a piece someday, since that's my name!

  3. I admire your willingness to take on such a big job! I am usually very daunted by the logistics of big lots like these...how do I transport them without getting them broken? Where do I store them? And if they need cleaning and research- I'm done. You're my hero :)

  4. Swoon! They are all so gorgeous, are you sure you'll be able to bring yourself to sell them?

  5. you got a lovely find there my dear! these cups and saucers are so romantic and timeless!