wacky pillows

Sometimes when I follow links of readers/commenters on my blog I find some real gems of bloggers out there and some cool post that I get the urge to repost it on my blog just to break the vintage everyday vibe that my blog is turning into. So today's post was totally vintage unrelated and stolen from this reader of mine. I just thought it's so funny not to share it. It's all about unique crazy looking pillows;

fresh salmon pillow without the fishy smell...

sushi pillow

pillow you can wear on your head so you'll be ready anytime anywhere you feel the need to snooze.

pillows that resembles stones, something to freak the heck out of your overnight guests.

dream pillows...

how about this PILL-ow...

and this bloody pillow, spooky!

Upon googling further about "cool pillows" found that there was post about them with the links where to purchase them.

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