vintage junkies in the making

I think my kids adores vintage as much as I do. They love to take part in the whole process...

from our series of thrifting adventures...

to photography - they love to get their little hands on everything...

to cleaning and testing to make sure everything is in good working order...

and sometimes modelling...

but with things piling up around my house, it may likely be the opposite. They may grow up and start a blog like this and develop high level of mental anxiety which may result in years of adult theraphy. hahaha!


  1. so cute! that only says they've inherited your good eyes and great taste!


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  3. If you're training them that's it is a business {albeit a business you love}, they'll just grow up to be good indie business people--who happen to also love vintage. How cool is that? :-D

  4. thanks for the comments guys I really appreciate you stopping by and leaving me comments! and sorry for accidentally deleting the second comment above, didn't even know who left it what did it say...sometimes my mouse does some weird things...

  5. How adorable! :) I'm sure they'll grow up appreciating vintage stuff!