just add flowers

I don't know about you but to me there's something calming and very feminine in decorating a room with milkglass vases. In the summer I pick up lots of these vases from Goodwill and scatter them around the house with wild flowers from the yard or from the farmers market.

The great thing about decorating with milkglass is they don't have to match exactly, you could have bowls, compote dish, candle holder, etc. together, but their similar style and colour brings a whimsical theme together.

These photos (via frolic) with milk glass vases were used as a wedding centerpieces. Aren't they lovely?

The vases pictured above (first photo) are available at the shop for purchase.


  1. Very pretty! Perfect for spring weddings, baby showers, mother's day...

  2. These make me wish for summertime!

    Lovely blog and shop!

  3. Beautiful! Milk glass vases are so elegant and pretty, your collection is lovely.