vintage medicine bottles

A few days ago, I decided to stop by at one of the thrift shop I used to frequent to (I haven't gone there since they did some renovation and made their store looked like a retail store to match their retail prices) I spotted a whole section filled with vintage and antique bottles. It looked like someone just donated a lifetime worth of bottle collection, hundreds of them in all shapes, sizes and colours. I wanted to buy a whole lot but since the prices are just out of my budget that day, I just picked a few that I thought were unique in shape and in colours.

These were the bottles I fell in love with. They are clear glass bottles with purplish or amethyst shade. Upon researching, I found out that were made from manganese dioxide glass and dates circa 1880-1920. Apparently, the glass turns purple when exposed to UV light, especially sunlight. They look like the smaller bottle pictured above; if you want some info on vintage bottles, this website has weatlh of information on dating and typing old bottles.

Can’t you just picture them on the mantel, table or even in a bathroom filled with colourful flowers? I think they would make a great home decor even if grouped together all by themselves. I plan on adding some of my vintage household labels and offering them to the shop.


  1. You found treasure! I love those amethyst bottles. Isn't it sad to see the prices at some of the shops go through the roof? Even our Salvation Army is getting super high on some items. Sheesh.

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