lucky number


Last night's auction was abundant. I almost skip it because the auction website didn't show as much photos of their items for the preview. Hubby and I still went because it's our date night and we'd rather go to these auctions rather than sit in a movie theater.

I was happy to see they had all the stuff I want on their silent auction table. The silent auction table is where they have all the small boxes full of assorted stuff in it (mostly little vintage or antique findings, books, ephemera, figurines, vases, glassware, flatware, or any items the auctioneers think is less valuable and wouldn't fetch much in a live auction).

A person can bid for as low as $2.50 with $2.50 increments and the max is $50, when the bid reaches up to $50 then it goes to live auction. If no one sees a box or there are not many interested bidders then you can pretty much get a box full of great stuff for $2.50. Such is the case last night, all the usual pushy suspects weren't there. And no one wants the goodies I had my eyes on. It was a lucky night for me and I came home with my car bursting at the seams with my new finds.

I will post some photos next week. Happy Friday!


  1. The curiousity is killing me!!! Congratulations :))))

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