30 days of happiness: 15

some things that are making me smile today...




...my Friday find; a beautiful 1950s Royal typewriter with a cursive font. I took it home and started typing and to my surprise could not find the exclamation point (!) key. After some googling, found out that it's a combination of three strokes; you have to type a period, a backspace and the apostrophe. Wth! Talk about a serious carpal tunnel syndrome at the rate of how much I use it!


other happy thoughts....

~a promise of a small package in the mail

~listening to my boy singing while he's working on a puzzle

~playing hide and seek on our backyard

~the smell of fresh cilantro (having tacos for dinner)

~and looking forward to some R & R with my honey this weekend.


  1. Omg, I cannot imagine having to type an exclamation point like that!!! What a lovely typewriter, though...

  2. Actually, I have vague memories of having to type an exclamation point that way. My father is a writer (well into his seventies now) and in my childhood he wrote at the kitchen table using a Royal that looked pretty much like the one shown.

    Re: package - I have a set of vintage Vera napkins similar to those & I just love them!

  3. yeah the number one key is missing which is where the exclamation point is, didn't even noticed it until I got home...

  4. I have the exact same typewriter, it was my dad's. I cherish it. My mom had an even OLDER Royal (black one, taller, from the 30s or 40s maybe?) that she used to type on constantly. I am not sure why she eventually gave it up, but I have so many memories of it, I learned to type on it and I remember my fingers slipping in between the keys. No such possibility on this wireless keyboard now............ah, the years pass.

    You have a lovely blog. :)