30 days of happiness: 10


~ a fifty cent vase I thrifted yesterday (it's a teapot without the lid)

~a huge buoquet of flowers from the market for $5, I divided it to six different vases and scattered it around the house

~hearing Sofia say "i love you mommy" at random times, like she would be eating her cereal and she would pause in between spoonfuls of cheerios to let me know she loves me, how sweet!

~getting all the rents on time (we run a couple of rental units and we never get the rents on time and yesterday we did)

~rain, it rained yesterday and it made me happy because...

~it's enough reason for me to lay in bed for fifteen more minutes, had cereal for breakfast, left-over pizza for lunch, took the day off from working at my online shop and just being lazy all day.

~and happiness is being a night person (see the time of this post? it's almost 3 a.m. and I'm still wide awake)



  1. The teapot is just too wonderful. The entire post makes me think of the song from Sound of Music - raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens....

  2. Lovely new teapot vase!