where old is new again

As I often wonder of the previous lives of the vintage things I pick up on my many thrifting trips, I also marvel at their new destination, how they are being cherish and reuse by their new owners when they’ve left my store. It's both magical and heartwarming to see how these vintage items are once again given a new life.


This old perpetual calendar I recently sold to Kristine from Canada graced her guest book table on her recent June wedding. (photography by Fine Prints Photography Toronto, Canada).



Something old, as this worn out calendar gave Kristine and Thomas' wedding that extra special touch...


This plain vintage wooden divided rack I found at a thrift shop was turned into a beautiful home decor piece by another wonderful Etsy seller and photographer extraordinaire ethanollie of Trampoline.


It's amazing how a simple item could add so much charm and beauty if placed well with other vintage items with just the right scale such as in this beautiful vignette she put together. I think it would be a big hit if she also offer her photos in her shop, they are just as lovely as her vintage items.



These vintage art prints went to a customer all the way to Singapore early this year and I just adore how she displayed them with her other wooden animal figures and kokeshi dolls.



Very inspiring home decor, I love it!

These colourful vintage fabrics were purchased by a very talented seamstress bellaserababy last year and turned them into the cutest dresses for girls.
I'll be posting more of these in the future when I get photos from my customers. If you bought from me and want to send pictures, you can send me a convo via my shop here or send me an email at rncfernandez[at]msn[dot]com. Thanks!


  1. how have i missed your blog up until now? just wonderful! found your link on twitter...will follow. :)

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea- seeing what people do with the items they purchased is so inspiring and gratifying. I look forward to more!

  3. So nice to see how people use the items. That last dress pictured is to-die-for!