some red finds and a dresser

so I haven't done any thrifting updates in a while now though of course that's not for the lack of thrifting, there's so much estate sales and yard sales in every block in our neighborhood each weekend. One neighbor even has a 24-hour yard sale where his signs and his junk are permanently displayed on his front yard everyday since the start of summer. Although this past week was a little slow for me I haven't been going thrifting much, only twice this week, but each time I get to bring home something good, so good I want to keep them for myself. Like these red items I found recently...


This pretty red clutch would be a great accessory with either a casual or dressy outfit.


Zippered drum lugguge tote, great storage for sewing or crafting materials.


metal box

Red and gray industrial metal tool box.



and this old mahogany dresser I got for $30. Love old furnitures, not only do they look like beautiful pieces of art they're also well made and built to last for many years.

Please look for the red items in my shop soon...


  1. Ooh, I love the drum tote! Good find on the dresser.

  2. Love the clutch - love the reds!