yard sale fever!

I love summer! The backyard barbeques, visits to the park and lakes and most especially the weekend yard sales! I didn't go very far to find these lovely things this weekend, we had about ten different yard sales and one estate sale just within two blocks of my home. Many are junks but I also found a few little treasures that just makes me happy and maybe to some of you too, so if you want please look for them in the shop in the next few days.
Oh, and I will be posting another give-away contest soon to celebrate the little milestone at Modish Vintage. Thanks to all the wonderful customers who bought from me, I am nearing my 1,000th sales. And to everyone who hearted my shop, my heart swells with 4,027 hearts as of today! Thank you so much! Now if you'll excuse me I'm gonna have me a piece of cake for breakfast and some coffee.


  1. Cake for breakfast and fun yard sale finds - excellent! I walked home with a partial bolt of fabric from a yard sale on Saturday. : )

  2. Great photos--liking that first one especially! Napkin rings, right?

  3. Melinda,
    Bolt of fabric is always a good score in my list.

    The first photo is a set of five drinking glasses, they do look like napkin rings though.