plates on the wall

I was so inspired by these beautiful plates on the wall..

and put my first three plates up couple of weeks ago... (middle one purchased at jenandjake of Etsy) and in search for more cute ones.

*first three images from Flickr


  1. I love the flower plates in your third photo. I found an early 70's sesame street plate the other day and the characters are so sweet. I grew up with it so I suppose a bit of nostalgia. May give to my sister to hang in her new baby's room. It's not really suitable for eating off of.

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  3. The plates look great! My parents had the bottom (flower) plate service when I was growing up. I wonder if my mom still has them... I'd love to hang one in my kitchen.

  4. so eclectically pretty--especially like the wrap-around-the-corner display. :)

  5. Those first two are so artistic! What a neat way to replace generic wall art.