summer food

Except for a torrential downpour Sunday afternoon, the weather has been nice this past week. The kids are on summer break and we have been enjoying the warm weather, picnics with lots of fresh fruits from the farmer's market. The kids can't get enough of the watermelon, they request it everyday for a snack. I've also been making some homemade bubble tea pinoy style, very refreshing drink. On the weekend I tried Giada's watermelon fruit salad recipe minus the amaretto, it was delicious and easy to make. Hubby loved it and felt extra special that I made it with his favorite juicy pork chops and broiled asparagus. He didn't mind getting up early the next morning to do some errands for me. It's all about the food ladies.


  1. god this sounds great! brill blog by the way!!!!!! :)

  2. Lovely and adorable photographs.

    My sisters favorite fruits are cherries and watermelon, mine is grapes :) I always think it has to do with what season you're born in... she was a summer baby.

    Also, that tea looks delicious... a huge fan of boba!