Etsy purchase - Shinzi Katoh wide tape

Since I'm not only a seller but also an avid shopper on Etsy I thought I'd add a category to showcase my favourite Etsy puchases here, and this ones made it to the top of my the cutest list; a Shinzi Katoh wide tape from Cottonblue.

I used this particular design to use on the favors I'm preparing for the little ones birthday party this weekend. And since it's going to be a Care Bear theme party, and everything is about colours and rainbows, I thought this would look adorable to use as seals for the multi coloured bubble gums to add to the loot bag.

She also have these other designs in here shop, it's really hard to choose just one, they're all so adorable and cute! (you've been warned)


  1. So cute. The goody bags look great. Hope the birthdays are happy.

  2. those are too cute. I love the bubble gum bags with it!!!

  3. You are right! Those are so cute!