going green with vintage items

I have to admit that I was not a vintage lover/shopper all my life. I used to be a "label whor*" in my youth. I used to think carrying a Coach bag is very fashionable and owning a Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 is a girl’s ultimate dream come true. Until I started seeing everybody carrying those purses, knock offs or the real thing, it started to look superficial and they kind of lost their novelty. I still have my LV Speedy, it is bundled up in my closet collecting dust. With only thrift stores to go to lately and occasional grocery and Target runs I’m perfectly happy with my huge handmade tote.
Then came home ownership with its financial responsibilities made me realized that newer is not always better. I thrifted mostly everything to furnish my first home, and that’s about the time I got into vintage and antique items. I appreciate the craftsmanship and originality of older pieces. Vintage items has so much story to tell, they have a kind of romantic sensibility that you don’t get from buying a newer item from the mall or boutique.

Sometimes it’s necessary to buy something new, but the vast majority of the time you can recycle, repair or find vintage items not only do you express your own personal stylish self but also doing your part to protect the planet one vintage green cup or canister at a time.

Please look for these green vintage items at Modish Vintage shop soon!


  1. Great job at putting those green items togeather!

  2. Great collection, and BEAUTIFUL photography! Thanks for sharing your story.