corners of my home

I love this corner by my front door because not only does it look elegant and Victorian, everything in this picture is less than $50 bucks. $47 to be exact. The lovely mirror was salvaged by my husband many years ago from an old house ready to be torn down, which was free. The marble wall shelf I bought from a local antique shop for $45 (which I thought was ridiculously over priced but I bought it anyway because it's perfect with the mirror) and the brass candelabra was from Goodwill for two dollars.

I have managed to decorate our house with some of my favorite things mostly from thrifting used d├ęcor and furniture. I’ve become one of those people that just unconsciously brags about how much they’ve spent for an item, for instance, someone will compliment a print on my wall and I will instantly blurt out just how much I got it for, like, “I GOT THAT FOR TWO BUCKS FROM GOODWILL!” which I presume they don't really care to know. Probably not, but I'm still proud of it, I feel really good acquiring stuff that have so much history, character and beauty for very little or next to nothing, and to be given a new life and purpose is an extra bonus.

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  1. Hee. hee. hee. I do that to. I find some great things at thrift or consignment shops or even yard sales (less so here but there was one good one...)and tend to blurt it out if complimented.